2nd Middle East Youth Congress

DAY 1:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! The 2nd Middle East Youth Congress has finally opened this day! This 3-day basking of God’s presence was held in the beautiful Fabrika Hostel in Tbilisi, Georgia 

which was participated by youths from the locale churches all throughout the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

The welcome service started with a bang! An arousing praise and worship that lifted the spirit of the MEYC delegates was led by the Dubai Praise and Worship Team. Pastor Elleza Palanca, the Head Pastor of Dubai Locale, warmly greeted all the delegates in her welcome remarks. Pastor Andy Pabelico of Doha Locale empowered the brethren through his energetic-filled offertory message.

The words of God in the very first day of the 2nd MEYC was powerfully ministered by the Gilead Area Coordinator, Beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca. His message centered on the theme of this year’s MEYC, “Standing Upon My Watch” taken from Habakkuk 2:1. He pointed out that in order to fulfill one’s watch, he should set up a tower. He clearly identified that this tower is about the maximum height of the aspect of one’s life and summit of peace.

After the overwhelming opening day, the flash mob followed. By God’s grace, this modern way of evangelism was now fulfilled in the district this year. Special presentations and intermission numbers from the different locale churches were also presented and offered to God during the Evangelistic Gospel Concert. Pastor Elleza Palanca, who was the speaker that night, focused her preaching about the Good News of Salvation. What added to that beautiful night were the Georgian visitors who joined and attended that very moment.

DAY 2:

It was the second day of the Middle East Youth Congress. This day started as delegates joined together in one spirit to earnestly seek God’s throne of grace through intercessions.

After the brethren offered up prayers and requests to the Most High, the Worship Service immediately followed. The locale churches of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi alternately rendered songs of praises unto God which readied the spiritual vessels and hearts of the delegates in receiving the words of the Lord. On her strengthening message, Pastor Elleza Palanca, Dubai Locale’s Head Pastor, gave ways on how one believer can stand upon his/her watch – a believer should look at what God is showing, a believer should wait for the appointed time, and a believer should do as the Lord’s will.

The afternoon session was allocated for a Seminar presided by Bishop Aldrin Palanca. The dearly Bishop clearly explained the worldly philosophy and gave solutions on how to overcome it.

The part 2 of the street evangelism continued this day. God is indeed so gracious for huge number of crowd accepted Jesus Christ during the altar call.
Talents’ Night was the special highlight of that very evening. Participating locale churches of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, Muscat, Al Ain, Ajman, Kuwait City, and Jeddah presented their skills and talents for God’s glory! Pastor Andy Pabelico, the Head Pastor of Doha Locale used the acronym SEEK in his message about the God-given talents – Study your gifts, Exercise your gifts, Excel your gifts, and Keep your gifts.

DAY 3:

The last day of the 2nd Middle East Youth Congress was indeed a blast! The delegates woke up early in the morning to catch beforehand the blessings of God. Pastor Adelfa Pabelico of Manama, Bahrain was the speaker in that Devotion service. The core of the message was all about the significance of watching and standing in prayer.

From the start to the end, the presence of the Holy Spirit was extremely felt during the Dedication Service. The locale churches of Bahrain and Qatar also lifted their voices unto God through their songs of praise. Bishop Aldrin Palanca enlightened the minds of each and every delegate through his message about the things a believer must do in order to stand for the watch – assume the position as watchman, write down God’s revelation, and listen to God’s answer. He also added that “When you stand for God, He will be more ready to stand for you.” By God’s moving power, all MEYC delegates stepped forward and surrendered their lives to be used in His mission.

It was then followed by the awarding of the hashtag contest winners, outstanding street evangelizer, locale church with the highest number of MEYC attendees, and many more.

Praise be unto God for He has made the 3 days of the 2nd Middle East Youth Congress a victorious one. All the efforts and sacrifices of everyone just to be in this congress are truly worth it. Delegates travelled back to their locale churches with established faith, ready to stand upon the Watch!

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