Abu Dhabi Locale’s 17th Church Anniversary & Thanksgiving

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Abu Dhabi Locale gathered in a victorious celebration of their 17thChurch Anniversary and Thanksgiving service held at Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE. With the theme, “Rejoicing in our Salvation”, derived from the book of Psalms 35:9, this jubilant occasion was led by Sis. Carol Celis, locale in-charge of Abu Dhabi.

A total of 554 brethren and visitors witnessed this holy gathering of the saints. The brethren were greatly blessed and grateful for having the presence of the Gilead Area Coordinator, beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca. The first part of the service started through joyful singing led by the Abu Dhabi Praise and Worship team. During the Friday School, Pastor Lito Correos, head Pastor of Fujairah Locale ministered the Word of God. The Divine Worship started with glorious songs and praises unto God led by the Abu Dhabi Praise and Worship Team followed by the opening prayer and reading of the Holy Scripture. A song of praise was lifted unto the Lord by the Abu Dhabi Youth followed by the warm welcoming of Sis. Carol Celis to the distinguished guest, brethren and visitors present during the event. A video presentation about the highlights of last’s years church anniversary was witnessed by the brethren. To once again magnify the name of the Lord, a song of praise was offered unto the Lord coming from End-Time Voices. Another song of Praise to glorify the name of the Lord coming from the Abu Dhabi Choir. The Word of God was powerfully ministered by beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca, centered on the theme, Rejoicing in our Salvation, he imparted to the brethren Why we should rejoice in our Salvation- first, because our name is written in the book of life, second, when you are saved, you make God happy and lastly, you will get the gift of Eternal life. During the altar call, many visitors answered to the call and came forward and accepted the salvation given to them. The brethren joyfully and humbly gave their thanksgiving unto God followed by the Holy Communion. After the Worship Service, a brief speech of congratulations and appreciation was given by Madame Yoko Ramos Vigno wife of H.E Constacio R. Vigno, Philippine Ambassador. For the last part of the service, a mass baptism was held in Abu Dhabi Locale led by Pastor Elleza Palanca and a total of 23 souls received the salvation of their soul. Indeed, the evident success of this celebration only proves that God is working mightily in His Church. And the brethren and visitors alike are greatly in awe of God’s amazing works of Salvation. To God be all the glory!

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