It is a great exploit for people from different parts of the country to unite in one place for a purpose and so much more to praise the name of the Lord, so as the different local churches in the UAE gathered to celebrate and commemorate God’s calling through The Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol.

January 17, 2015 - The International Community School in Abu Dhabi was filled with praises and admiration led by the Abu Dhabi locale praise and worship team. A video presentation depicting the growth of the global churches stirred up brethren’s dedication to grow more in faith and service knowing that God has blessed the humble start of the churches worldwide. And so as the brethren in the Philippines celebrated and commemorated the International Missionary Day, a video presentation showing the event’s highlights proved the united spirit of the congregation all over the world in remembering this big event. Songs of praise were rendered to God on different parts of the program by the brethren from Violet area (Dubai Locale extension), Al Ain Locale, Abu Dhabi Locale, and Dubai Locale. The message of blessing was delivered by the Abu Dhabi Locale head pastor, Pastor Dick Montemayor, emphasizing the duties of a believer in supporting the mission and the blessings that await for those who will be faithful in this service. The Dubai Locale head pastor, Pastor Elleza Palanca, cheerfully welcomed and acknowledged the presence of the brethren from all the UAE local churches and extensions.  She also introduced the key note speaker for the night, the beloved Bishop and Gilead Area Coordinator, Bishop Aldrin Palanca. The event’s theme “Seeking the Lord through the Mission of the Goodman of the House in the End-time”, was enlightened to the brethren through a series of Bible verses pertaining to the blessedness of the people whom God called to be part of the Apostle’s ministry in the end-time (2 Chronicles 7:14). He also mentioned that the PMCC 4th Watch is the continuity of the early church, and for that, we must be still and continuously do evangelism.

All preparation of the brethren paid off as the blessings of God’s Words are priceless and the fellowship of the UAE local churches as a whole depict the growth of the church in the Gilead area specifically in the UAE.