The battlecry of the End-Time church for Personal Evangelism is a continuous mission of each 4th Watcher. And to constantly inflame the spirits of the brethren in doing this noble task, the Spiritual Camps in the Middle East District has devoted its theme on the “Apostolic Commitment to Personal Evangelism”, inspired from Acts 5:42.

The 3rd KSA Camp, the 1st leg in the Middle-East District, held last 14-16 February was blessed to have the speakership of four powerful ministers led by no less than Visayas-Mindanao & & Middle East Region Overseer Bishop Arturo Ferriol & Middle East Coordinator Bishop Aldrin Palanca together with Ilocos and Benguet Regions Coordinator Pastor Reynald Sulayao and Abu Dhabi Locale Minister Pastor Dick Montemayor.

Day 1

Day one started with the welcome service with selected Riyadh Locale brethren leading the congregation in songs of praises and worship to God.  Pastor Reynald Sulayao fired up the atmosphere as he ministered the words of God during the Friday School which was immediately followed by the Divine Worship. Centered on this camp’s theme, “Apostolic Commitment to Personal Evangelism” taken from Acts 5:42, Beloved Bishop Art Ferriol inspired everyone to take part in personal evangelism and restoring the works inside the church.

The afternoon treated everyone with the fun filled opening of the Sports Fest participated in by locale churches in Riyadh, Al Kharj, Dammam, Al Khobar, Jubail and Jeddah which started with the parade of colors where each team sported their uniforms with their banners and muses with escorts.  It was then followed by the 1st ever Mass Demo competition which was welcomed with much excitement and excitement by the brethren.  The group games, board games and other sports activities followed simultaneously throughout the rest of the day.

Day 2

The second day of the camp started with the Morning Devotion ministered by Pastor Dick Montemayor, who laid emphasis on the church commitment of spreading the message of salvation through Personal Evangelism.

The 1st Seminar for this year’s camp was a declaration of the church’s blessed assurance as Bishop Art Ferriol centered on the topic of Predestination and God’s foreknowledge of His people.

Unquestionable, undisputable, definite, guaranteed - these define the authority that the church has in doing personal evangelism through God’s Sent One, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. And this authority, according to the Worship Message headed by Pastor Reynald Sulayao, should be one of the compelling reasons why Personal Evangelism should be a commitment. Another highlight of day 2 of the camp was the awarding of the brethren who gave their best shot in winning souls for the Lord during the Soul Winner’ Night.

Day 3

The last day of the 3rd KSA Camp was indeed abounding with God’s sanctification. Although this day was a regular working day in the Kingdom, the worship hall was filled with brethren still eager to be blessed by His words. In the Seminar administered by Bishop Art Ferriol, he enumerated the distinct characteristics of the Sent One of God in the End Time. Moreover, the brethren were delighted as Bishop Art Ferriol welcomed questions from the brethren regarding faith and doctrine. And after the Seminar, the Divine Worship immediately followed where Bishop Aldrin Palanca urged the brethren in committing their lives to personal evangelism by putting emphasis on it as the last program of the church and as everyone’s personal obligation to the nonbelievers.

Giving back what is God’s own possession is the message of the Dedication Service administered by Bishop Art Ferriol. And with the outpour of powerful messages from the approved men of God, the dedication of the brethren to opening their lives under God’s disposal was indeed monumental.


The 3rd KSA Camp was capped off with increased number of attendees (306) and campers (167). Years back, it was thought to be impossible to serve God in a place as hostile as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But as God continuously increases the whole church in number and in faith, the church is just full of hope that all things will soon be favorable for the children of God to serve Him anytime and anywhere they may be.