On the fourth and final leg of the Middle-East Camps, Kuwait Locale had its turn to host the event from March 7-9, 2014.  Like on the previous Camps held in other parts of the region, brethren of Kuwait pondered on the theme “Apostolic Commitment to Personal Evangelism” of Acts 5:42.  With her powerful and blessed ministry, Dubai Locale-Head Pastor Elleza Palanca single-handedly ushered this much-anticipated gathering as she covered for Middle-East Coordinator beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca who was then processing the renewal of his UAE visa.  Despite the circumstance, Kuwait brethren have been very cooperative and enthusiastic in taking part on several sporting and literary activities of the Camp, most especially in feasting on the Word of God.


At the outset of the Camp, Kohinoor Place was filled with rejoicing and worshipping campers as the Opening and Worship Service took place in the morning of March 7.  Like deers panting for water, the spirits of Kuwait brethren were quenched through the Word of God preached by Pastor Elleza.  She ministered the high importance of performing and committing one’s self to the last program of the End-Time Church – the Personal Evangelism Program.

Excitement stirred-up in the afternoon when the Camp’s Sportfest kicked-off.  Two competing teams vied to be the best for this year’s Sportfest – the Green Conqueror and the Orange Victors. Games like basketball, tug-of-war, relay and arm wrestling have undoubtedly strengthened the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the brethren.  That night, Pastor Elleza once again gathered all the campers for an evening of testimonies and prayer marathon service.

Day 2

The 2nd day of the Camp started with a dose of solemn prayer through morning devotion.  After a quick breakfast, guest-speaker Pastor Elleza Palanca deeply tackled and shared on her seminars the blessedness of the end-time church for having the Goodman of the House.

The literary games like Preaching Contest, Know the Word and Bible Quiz were held that afternoon. The Soul Winner’s Night capped the day with video presentation showing how far Personal Evangelism Program has reached in the global field.  Campers were overwhelmed with the ministry of Personal Evangelism and they became emotional yet strengthened when they witnessed the video greeting of the beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. On the Message of God, Pastor Elleza encouraged the congregation to dedicate their lives in bringing souls for Christ, afterwhich, she gave due recognition to those outstanding brethren who have been fruitful in their ministry in soul-winning. 

Day 3

The spiritual joy of the brethren was overflowing up until the third and final day of the Camp.  Following the morning devotion, Pastor Elleza stood once again to service the Word of God on two seminars.  Brethren were so attentive to the seminars of Pastor Elleza about the “Prophecy Revealed to Daniel – 70 Weeks” and “The Mystery Revealed to the Goodman of the House – Mystery of Times & Seasons”.She even boldly answered the questions raised by the campers pertaining to the doctrines of the church, in return, the brethren were equally delighted with the enlightenment shared by the guest speaker.

Concluding the Kuwait Camp was the Dedication Night program.  One of the highlights of the program was the video greeting sent by the Middle-East Coordinator, beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca.  On his greetings, he congratulated the Kuwait brethren for another successful Camp and he also encouraged everyone to remain fervent in doing Personal Evangelism.  On the other hand, Pastor Elleza led the congregation in dedicating their lives to the PE ministry.  She mentioned that there is this great urgency to evangelize because it is the end-time and majority of the people are not yet saved.

At the end of the program, the brethren became ecstatic with the awarding of the winners of the Sportfest and Literary Contests.  Mahanaim Awards were also given to those brothers and sisters who have completed and attended all the activities of the 3-day Camp.


For 4 years, the Kuwait Camp has been a great source of strength and inspiration for the brethren in the country.  And this year’s Camp will surely bring forth more visions to the Kuwait brethren as they continually commit their lives to the last program of the church – the Personal Evangelism Program. To God be the glory!!