The biggest, the most awaited and the most successful district conference so far, the 7th Middle-East District Conference was held at Al Mas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. July 28 to Aug 1, 2014 were the dates marked for the very much anticipated event for the brethren of the Gilead Area with this year's theme "Preaching The Gospel Globally Through the Revelation of The End-Time Mysteries" taken from the book of Romans 16:25.  This milestone was ushered by Gilead District Coordinator, Bishop Aldrin Palanca, along with honoured guest-speakers, Pastor Lily Ferriol and Middle-East Overseer Bishop Arturo Ferriol.

Participating delegates and guest-speakers were graciously welcomed during the conference’s Welcome Night Service last July 28.  All were in blissful spirit as the delegates witnessed the entrance of the ministers, workers and elders in the church, and the parade of colours of the 11 countries in the Middle-East District along with their representing muses. A contemporary dance interpretation number showcased by Bahrain Locale ignited the start of the program proper.  As the service progressed, a feeling of gratefulness to God was also perceived by everyone when a video presentation was played recalling the highlights of the MEDC for the past 6 years - from its inception in 2008 to its continuous evolution until 2013.  As the head-pastor of the host locale, Dubai’s Pastor Elleza Palanca conveyed her greetings and warmly welcomed the ministers and brethren to the opening of the 2014 conference. Special numbers performed by the choir members of the locales of Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Qatar and the Dubai SOS led the whole congregation in revering the presence of the Lord through their respective renditions of their chosen Songs of Praise.


On the message of blessing and giving, Pastor Lilly Ferriol urged the brethren to keep the doctrine of God ornamented (Titus 2:10) by always desiring to take part on His great work and the church’s growth as well.  Stressing on the conference’s theme from Romans 16:25, beloved Bishop Arturo Ferriol delivered the message “The Gospel of the End-Time for All Nation” which focused on 3 pointers that discussed about 1) the Gospel that was commanded to preach to all nations, 2) the Gospel that will perfect the church and 3) the Gospel that will prepare the church for rapture. The welcome night surely warmed-up the brethren for the 5-day long conference as they looked forward to the different approaches of the event’s theme that will be deciphered on each day of the event.