The delegates arrived at the worship hall early to be empowered by prayer during the morning devotion. Pastor Andy Pabelico of Bahrain locale discussed the fruits if people will be devoted to prayer. Shortly after kneeling, the brethren geared-up for the first seminar delivered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca. Focusing on this year’s theme, he said that one of the proofs of the true preaching of the gospel is that when it is preached in revelation of the mysteries. The apostles are the stewards of God’s mysteries (1 Cor. 4:1). Bishop Aldrin also enumerated some of God’s revelations to the apostles; first, the right knowledge about God (Luke 10:22) and second, the revelation about the right doctrines (Gal. 1:11-12). The Apostles have the surer word of prophecy since they were the eye witnesses of God, concluding that the Goodman of the House, likewise, is an eyewitness of God as well.


On the day’s Worship Service, the whole sanctuary was filled with praises and adoration through songs of praise from the brethren of Al Kharj and Bahrain Locales. Bishop Art Ferriol delivered powerfully God’s message as he discussed about the restoration of the church. God has a plan of restoring His church to the same condition as it was before and the first thing that God will restore is the office of apostleship (Eph. 4:12). In addition, Bishop Art also enumerated the spiritual powers given to the Apostles; firstly, to demand obedience to the gospel (Rom. 1:5-6), secondly, they define the doctrines in the church (1Cor. 14:40) and thirdly, to establish the hope of the Christians (1Cor. 15:51-52).

The after-lunch service was dedicated to the Adults’ Hour.  As part of the fellowship activity, three groups were formed and were given time to think of a presentation focusing on the 7th MEDC theme. Pastor Elleza Palanca, Teacher Adel Pabelico and Teacher Jenny Ibabao served as the judges. Bishop Aldrin Palanca gave exhortation of God’s Words on the Parable of the Talents (Luke 19:11-13). He discussed what “occupy till I come means” and he gave three eschatological truths about it - that is (1) to be included in rapture, (2) to be rewarded and (3) to be included in 1000 years reign. He also stressed out that to occupy is to be involved in Personal Evangelism and to make use of the temporal things for God’s glory.

One of the most anticipated programs every conference is the Talent’s Night - an affair showcasing the abundant and creative gifts of God to the brethren. Shiloam Band of Qatar and Final Watch Band of Dubai set the evening in a lively vibe with their performances of alternative Christian music.

The participating locale churches were divided into Categories A and B. Under Category B, Kuwait and Bahrain brethren performed dance and song interpretations, while delegates from Dammam Locale showed what they have through emulating “Pilipinas Got Talent” portraying different kinds of preachers nowadays. Al Khobar brethren exhibited a well-coordinated, unique song interpretation of God’s calling using shadows and back light.

In Category A, Riyadh Locale displayed their gifts through song interpretation while some performers were making a sketch of the Apostle’s portrait. Qatar Locale did a very wonderful song and dance interpretation about the End-Time and the calling of Noah to the Goodman of House. Last to showcase their talents were the brethren from Abu Dhabi who creatively executed their version of the End of the Last Days.

Prior to the announcement of winners, Pastor Lily Ferriol first discussed God’s endowment to His church (1Pet. 4:10) She emphasized that one must desire the best gift and continuously aspire for more or added talents from the Lord.


Loud cheers echoed around the hall when Pastor Elleza announced the winners of the talent’s presentation. Under Category B, Kuwait and Al Khobar swept the 2nd and 1st place, respectively, whereas Al Ain held the 2nd place and Qatar as the 1st on the rostrum of Category A.  It was a double-winning for Qatar Locale as they garnered the highest vote for “People’s Choice Award”.