The Message of God “The Power that Works Through Our Prayers” (Eph. 3:20) delivered by Pastor Dick Montemayor of Abu Dhabi Locale in the morning devotion awakened the spirit of the brethren on the second day of the conference.

On the second seminar, Pastor Lily Ferriol clearly explained one of the mysteries in the Bible which is being taught by the true sent-ones of God - that is the right knowledge of Jesus Christ as the “First-Born”.  It was an enlightening seminar especially when Pastor Lily gave meanings to the word “first-born” as excerpted from its Hebrew and Greek origins.

Delegates from the locale churches of Kuwait and Dammam created an ambience of worship to God as each locale rendered songs of praise to God during the Worship Service. On the meditation of the Word, Bishop Art Ferriol, presented the characteristics of a restored church – first, it is abundant in praying and fasting; second, it is abundant in giving; and lastly, it has the boldness and continuity in preaching the gospel.  The restoration of the church is the fulfilment of the faithful promise of God to His nation through His appointed leaders in the church.

In the Youth Fellowship Hour, the Youth Officers of Dubai Locale hosted a teambuilding game that confirmed the unity and cooperation of the Young Watchers in the church. In the message delivered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca, he pointed out that the youth in church is likened to a salt which has a great significance in the world.


As the sun started to set, an event was held primarily dedicated to the flock leaders of the Gilead Area- the Kawan Leaders’ Night. Recognitions were given to the kawan leaders who, by grace, have successfully moulded themselves into a ”Mentoring Kawan Leader”, “Pioneering Kawan Leader”, “Multiplier Kawan Leader”, “Soul-Winner Kawan Leader, and “Full-Time Harvester Kawan Leader”. The 10 Most Outstanding Kawan Leaders across the locale churches in the district were also awarded with Sister Raquel Estepa of Dubai Locale on the top of the list this 2014. On the message of Bishop Art Ferriol from Luke 12:32-34, he clearly stated that the flock is the key to the expansion of the locale churches. He statistically presented the growth that Gilead Area might achieve if there will be more kawan leaders in each locale. He even challenged all the kawan leaders to remain faithful steward of God’s flock.