This 2015 marks the seventh year of success for Selah Theatrical Arts of Dubai Locale for portraying on stage their Senakulo 2015. Significant number of people of different nationalities came to watch the stage drama last April 10 and 11at the sanctuary of the locale. With improved stage sets, lights and sound, props, costumes and make-up, as well as the realistic performances of the artists, the audience were spiritually touched by the dramatization of the life of Christ on earth – from His birth, to His death and resurrection. Hence, the hearts of the viewers were deeply moved and eventually accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour upon hearing the Message of salvation ministered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca. After the stage play, several viewers were interviewed, and by God’s grace, all gave amazing feedbacks about the presentation. As expected, majority favors the portrayal of Jesus Christ, while some cannot deny the outstanding acting of Judas Iscariot. One teary visitor even mentioned that she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit while watching the play.