Dammam Locale Delights on 12 Years of God’s Faithfulness

August 18, 2017—a day of rejoicing for the brethren Dammam Locale as they celebrated 12 years of God’s faithfulness through  the divine worship during Dammam Locale’s Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service led by the locale’s lay worker, Brother Jhun Malonzo. And just like the other anniversary celebrations in the Middle-East churches, the event focused on

its theme “Rejoicing in our Salvation” from Psalms 35:9. The weather was hot and humid yet the hall was filled with over 120 brethren and visitors to celebrate and witness the works of the Lord to His church. Everyone was delighted and blessed to hear the Word of God coming from the Gilead Area Coordinator, Bishop Aldrin Palanca. It was Bishop Aldrin’s second speakership that day in the Eastern Region after gracing the anniversary celebration in Al Khobar. In his message, Bishop Aldrin pointed three reasons why we should rejoice in our salvation. He also instilled to the hearts of the brethren and visitors the blessedness in receiving the gift of salvation from the Lord which resulted to 14 baptism that day.

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