Overwhelmed with Grace, Grateful and Truly Empowered: Middle East District Holds 10th MEDC

September 1, 2017, Day 1—the delegates of the of Middle East District Churches were delighted by the sight and presence of the Goodman of the House himself, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, along with roster of powerful speakers including the Middle East District Coordinator, Bishop Aldrin Palanca together with Alum Rock, California Head
Pastor, Pastor Levi Ferriol as the 10th Middle East District Conference finally opened,  centered on the theme, “Fulfilling the Great Mandate till the End” from Matthew 24:14. Blessings overflowed as the Apostle ministered the Word of God and headed the worship service throughout the conference.

September 2, 2017, Day 2—the brethren started the day with cries and prayers of thanksgiving and guidance. During the morning seminar, Pastor Levi stressed on the topic “The Great Mandate of Evangelism,” discussing the significance of doing evangelism in the End-Time. In the afternoon was the Ministry Enhancement program, where Pastor Elleza Palanca and Pastor Andy Pabelico instructed the delegates on how to balance career with responsibilities in the Church. Blessings overflowed the hearts of the brethren as Pastor Levi spoke the Word of God about using God-given talents properly during Talents’ Night.

September 3, 2017, Day 3—Bishop Aldrin’s seminar “The Restored Church” emphasizes on the history and development of the Church today. During the Divine Worship, the Apostle gave encouraging and at the same time, powerful Words of God. Bishop Aldrin also challenged Kawan Leaders and members alike to take heed to the call of fulfilling the mandate in the End-Time during the Kawan Leaders’ Night.

September 4, 2017, Day 4— “We must finish the mandate of God before the coming of the night,” said the beloved Apostle as he continued to impart spiritual blessings to all the delegates through the Word of God on the fourth and final Worship Service of the conference. The conference may be nearing its end but the message of God continues to ignite the hearts of the delegates like they’ve never experienced before.

September 5, 2017, Day 5—Spirits of the delegates glowed with the Holy Spirit as the 10th Middle East District Conference arrived on its conclusion. The ministers and brethren alike were united in rejoicing with thankfulness to God and to the Goodman of the House for the success of this milestone event! (V. Evangelista)

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