New House of Worship Dedication 2018 – Dubai Locale

June 22, 2018 – The temperature was high, but the searing heat was way behind the fiery and fervent faith of the Dubai brethren as they celebrated that day the dedication of their New House of Worship.

This new chapter in the history of Dubai Locale was delightfully unveiled with the presence of the beloved presbyter and evangelist, Pastor Leticia Ferriol. Together with Bishop Aldrin Palanca and Pastor Elleza Palanca, and hundreds of thrilled brethren, Pastor Let started the dedication of the new sanctuary through a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Pastor Let was welcomed by even more cheerful brethren as she walked through the reception and hallway of the sanctuary.



The new Worship Hall was overflowing with brethren and loud praises as the program started. Pastor Elleza led the whole congregation in entrusting the service through an opening prayer while Bishop Aldrin heartily acknowledged and welcomed all the brethren in the celebration. Shortly after, Pastor Let cemented this milestone event as she marked her signature on the New House of Worship Memento which was presented to her prior. The beloved Apostle Arsentio Tan Ferriol was also one with the whole congregation in the celebration as he sent his video message of greetings and congratulations to everyone. After a brief exhortation of the Word, Pastor Let concluded the inauguration with a heartfelt prayer of dedication.

The glorious celebration was carried through in the Divine Worship Service. This time, the service featured the success and highlights of the 2nd Middle-East Youth Congress 2018, and a video entitled “New Beginning” which chronicled the amazing and inspiring transformation of the new sanctuary. With all the outpouring blessings from God, Pastor Elleza persuaded everyone to always be a channel of His blessing and to give generously and faithfully for the advancement of the mission.

As the meditation of the Word was about to begin, Bishop Aldrin again welcomed and introduced the keynote speaker, Pastor Leticia Ferriol. In her exhortation, Pastor Let reminded everyone that worshipping God is a great way of adoration, acknowledgement and appreciation. As Christ as the head of the church, Pastor Let also expounded that believers must ensure that one is part of it by having attachment, belongingness and connectivity to the family of God.

Apart from the dedication of the new sanctuary, it was also a day of salvation for a number of visitors who bravely came forward during the prayer of acceptance and submitted themselves to baptism. And the gathering did not end there as the 8th UAE Fellowship was also observed later that afternoon, praise the Lord!