Riyadh Locale for 32 Years of Salvation and Rejuvenation

Amidst the crackdown and increased efforts of the Saudi government to enforce law on illegal expatriates, the Locale Church of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia did another mighty exploit for the Lord by holding its 32nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service in a hotel, where gatherings of mixed gender are strictly prohibited. What was even more noteworthy was

that the baptism of close to 50 guests were done in the public swimming pool of the hotel where hotel administrators and other guests can easily notice. This was without a doubt, the work of the mighty and powerful God!

Middle East District Coordinator Bishop Aldrin Palanca delivered a clear and insightful message to a total of 269 guests and brethren which centered on the theme, “Rejoicing in our Salvation” from Psalms 35:9. Bishop Aldrin reiterated that worldly happiness can only bring about temporary happiness, whereas salvation gives lasting joy and sense of completeness. He also exhorted the reasons why brethren should rejoice in their salvation. Primarily because if a person is saved, his name is added in the book of life (Luke 10:20). Secondly, if a person is saved, he makes God happy (Luke 15:7). And lastly, if a person is saved, he will have eternal life (Romans 6:23).

Another highlight of the service was when the brethren lined up to give their thanksgiving offerings as an expression of their gratitude to God. After everyone’s hearts got satisfied with God’s unadulterated words, a sumptuous dinner buffet immediately followed.

Thirty two years of God’s goodness to the Locale Church of Riyadh. Countless souls saved and the brethren’s faith continuously renewed and flourished by God.

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