Seven Years of Abundance, Jubail Locale Rejoices in Salvation

August 11, 2017—another milestone of celebration for the wonderful things God has done to His church as Jubail Locale celebrated its 7th year Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving. It was indeed a very special day for the brethren and guests who came to share and experience the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. The service started as the Jubail Praise and

Worship team energized the crowd, leading the congregation in singing praises for the Lord and followed by a serene moment as Dammam Locale in-charge Brother Jhun Malonzo led the opening prayer. Song of praises were rendered by different flocks of Jubail locale and from the selected brethren of Al Hasa and Dammam Locale. The scripture reading was led by Brother Arnold Caballes of Jubail Locale and Brother Ronald Catacutan Locale In-charge of Al Hassa welcomed everyone who came to witness and grace the occasion. Brother Jun Soriano, Al Khobar Locale In-charge delivered the Offertory message and Brother Lando Corpuz Locale In-charge of Jubail introduced the speaker for this triumphant occasion, Brother Willy Milla, Riyadh Locale In-charge. Brother Willy delivered the message about this year’s theme , “Rejoicing in Salvation” stressing out and reminding everyone that God has always been good to His people, that His mercy and love is everlasting and imparted to everyone need to rejoice for salvation. The occasion ended and the locale was blessed with 16 visitors and 11 of them accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and was baptized that day.